Below you find the recent updates and changes to the Posterly app.

🎉 July updates

In July we've focused on fixing bugs and add some quality of life improvements to Posterly.

An automatic "customize this design" button has been added, so now if a customer visits a product page on your website, the add to cart button will automatically be replaced by a button, that when clicked, sends the customer to the design editor.

This should help improve SEO, and give you as a merchant more control over the product pages.

Lastly we've added color pickers to easier change the add-to-cart button colors.


  • "Customize this design" button on product pages
  • Color picker for button colors


  • In some cases base products was not created in the shop
  • Mockups where cropped
  • Optimized mobile maps

🗺 Move from Mapbox to Leaflet

We've just released an update to the app. Now we use the map component from Leaflet instead of Mapbox.

We have had a lot of trouble getting good print results with Mapbox in the past, to improve the quality of the end result we have changed provider of the map editor. The new editor is provided by Leaflet.

If you haven't already seen the new baby 1:1 scale template, then you should check it out on our demo store!


  • Leaflet map viewer
  • Baby 1:1 scale template


  • Mapbox map viewer
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