Adding automatic discounts on products

If you want to offer discounts like buy-one-get-one or give 20% if you buy more than one discounts in Posterly. You will need to use the automatic discounts system in Shopify.

First thing you need to do is create a new smart-collection in Shopify.

To do this, click the collections button in the main menu of Shopify, and add a new collection.

Next you need to set the collection type to "Automated", this allows the collection to automatically update every time a new product is added to your shop.

Next you need to set the "Products must match" to "all conditions".

Then select product must contain the tag "customized_product".

Remember to save the collection after this.

Next up, navigate to the discounts section of the Shopify admin.

Then create a new automatic discount.

Now we need to decide on our discount structure. Let's say you want to offer 25% off, but only when you buy a minimum of 2 custom products.

To do so:

  1. Give the discount a name (this is what the customer see's).
  2. Set type to Percentage
  3. Set discount value to 25%
  4. Now select Specific collections, and select the smart-collection we created before
  5. Set minimum quantity to 2

Remember to save the discount.

Congratulations! you now have an automatic discount on customized products in your store!

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