Facebook pixel integration

Shopify does not track events of app proxies as standard, this guides helps you setup facebook pixel tracking for Posterly.

The Posterly editor is not tracked by Facebook Pixels as standard, this is because Shopify does not track app proxies as standard. How ever theres a quick way to fix this.

In the Shopify admin panel click the Online Store button in the main menu → select Themes from the submenu → for the live theme click the Actions button → click the Edit code button from the drop down.

This opens up the theme editor. Now in the Layout folder, select the theme.liquid file.

Find the line containing the following code:


Copy paste the following lines of code into the file, just before the </head> line.

{% if request.path contains '/apps/posterdesigner' %}
	<script type="text/javascript">
		fbq('init', '{pixel-id}');
		fbq('track', 'PageView');
{% endif %}

Replace {pixel-id} with your facebook pixel ID, and replace the PageView event with any facebook pixel event you want to track, or keep PageView if you want to track page views for the editor.

Now click the Save button.

You've now added the facebook pixel to Posterly.

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