The design studio

Designs in Posterly is what is printed on your products. Designs can contain customizable elements.

The design studio is where your designs are stored in Posterly. A design is what is printed on your products and can contain customizable elements like text, images or maps.

Image above shows the main view of the design studio.

You can add designs to your store in 3 different ways:

  1. Add empty design, adds a new empty template that you can use to add you own design.
  2. Select design from template, choose between one of our standard templates, check out our templates here.
  3. Copy existing design, allows you to copy one of your designs from the list.

Starting of with a template

We have added a lot of standard templates to Posterly that you're free to use and sell in your store. This is a great starting point if you don't have any designs to sell that you've made your self. You can test the standard templates in our demo store before adding them to your own store.

To add a template to your store, you need to click the Select design from template button, this will open up a modal where you can select the template you want to add.

The templates also acts as a good foundation for trying the Design Studio, as they can be edited as you want.

Importing your own designs

You can import your own desings into Posterly, check out the video guide below on the topic.

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